Getting To Know The Basics Of Carpet Cleaning By carpet cleaner laguna beach

“Cleanliness is next to godliness,” says an adage we all know

While some might argue if this saying is indeed true, cleanliness outside is linked to the soul’s cleanliness and purity as well. As such, we can oftentimes hear our mothers emphasize this point now and then.

However, no matter how much we want to keep our household clean, there are things that are simply beyond our control.

Take the case of carpet cleaning. While owning a carpet brings a certain degree of elegance and beauty to the room, one cannot deny the arduous process it takes for it to become clean. As such, most carpet owners opt to hire professional carpet cleaning services like drcarpetoc for a surer clean.

However, do you have an idea as to the process involved in carpet cleaning?

Carpet cleaning phases

Preparation Phase: Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner

  • Carpet cleaning materials that suck out the dirt and other solid particles trapped within the carpet fibers
  • Experts advise to have a regular vacuum cleaning schedule for your carpets

Phase 1: Pre-treatment of the carpet

  • It might seem an unnecessary step, but unknown to many, this is the most important step among the phases.
  • Involves preparing and conditioning your carpet for easy cleaning
  • A special cleaning solution is sprayed or sprinkled on the carpet (solution allows resurfacing of solid particles, dirt, soil, and dust)

Phase 2: Cleaning proper

  • Surface dirt is removed
  • This phase involves three processes:
  1. Hot water extraction
  2. Dry extraction
  3. Cold water extraction

Phase 3: Carpet neutralization process

  • Leaves the carpet looking presentable aside from keeping it clean
  • Cleaning the carpet removes the cleaning residue left on the surface

Now that we know of these processes, one can already see how meticulous the whole process is. As such, it is important to make the extra effort to do even the simplest cleaning process we can to preserve the carpet’s appearance.


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